heads or tails, fairytales in my mind

29 September
B e t h
Is just a person. She probably isn't as interesting or cool as you, but is constantly making vain attempts to seem it, whilst telling herself that being cool isn't important anyway. In other words, a fairly typical teenage girl.
She lives in a small, boring, English town. She's creative and is often found drawing, especially when she's supposed to be doing something else. Also likes to write. Makes painfully cheesy jokes solely so she can laugh at the fact that nobody else is doing so; seems to think she's funny but is probably very wrong.
She spends too much time sat at her computer, and is a bit of a geek with an unhealthy interest in The Lord of the Rings. Loves music, of course; worships Green Day, and rather likes the Ramones, Alkaline Trio, Kaiser Chiefs, Nirvana, The Lawrence Arms and Biffy Clyro. Has a different favourite song every week. Reads lots and lots of books. Enjoys going for walks by herself and pointing out grammatical errors.
Optimistic pessimist. Procrastinator extraordinaire. Maker of bad excuses. Taker of pointless photographs. She can be a selfish bitch, but you probably won't notice. She's also infuriatingly clumsy and is regularly involved in awkward moments.
Doesn't know exactly what she's here for, but intends to go along with it, make the most of it and eventually have some interesting stories to tell.
Uses her LJ to rant about her life [or lack of it] and interests, and post drawings and photographs. Would appreciate being added, and will most likely add you back.
Oh, and don't worry, she doesn't always write in the third person.